Nonton FTV looking to develop new media in Year of the Rat Full Video

For many in Taiwan, Thursday was the first day back to work after the Lunar New Year holiday. Here at FTV, General Manager Liao Ji-fang joined executives and employees in a religious ceremony to pray for prosperity in the Year of the Rat. Liao says that in the coming year, FTV will push to build up its new media offerings to provide even more value to viewers.FTV”s general manager led employees in praying for peaceful and successful Year of the Rat.Liao Ji-fangFTV general managerIn 2019, Formosa Television performed extremely well thanks to our combined efforts. In 2020, I think our company will continue to develop on the basis of this foundation. This year, our focus is to develop on the new media front. I hope for good results on the twin fronts of traditional television broadcasting and new media. We”re looking to become a comprehensive media outlet that offers high added value.FTV”s news programs, drama productions and variety shows performed well over the past year. Amid a coronavirus outbreak in China, FTV has started off this Lunar New Year with measures to protect employee health.Liao Ji-fangFTV general managerBefore the Lunar New Year, we coordinated with our administrative department. We bought around 20,000 surgical masks and three boxes of pharmaceutical alcohol for everyone working in our departments and workplaces to use if needed. I think we have been quite thorough on this front.FTV has installed disinfectant dispensers at each entrance to keep disease at bay.


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